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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Florence Paquet, LMSW

Therapy does not have to be an endless process where you hash out your story one more time in a cold clinical setting, wondering if you are actually gonna be given any insight and tools, or just keep talking, get a few head nods, and walk out the door.

The style of counseling I use - called Acceptance and Integration Training™ (AAIT) - takes an active, practical approach and helps eliminate suffering in a relatively short amount of time. You can expect to see results in the first session. In that session, you will experience and learn an empowering and easy to use tool to tend to your own wellbeing.

We can jump right in - as we will not spend much time discussing the why of a problem, going over your narrative, or details about life’s painful experiences.

I deeply believe, and hope to show you, that you can be free from everyday mental muck - from trauma, cycles of abuse, negative patterns, etc. You can feel at home in your own skin, unleashed to be your full Self, calmly respond instead of compulsively react, be at peace with yourself, life and others as whole (good, bad, and ugly) things. You can obtain this state and learn tend to your own holistic wellbeing independently by learning practical and empowering tools used in AAIT.

My experience and expertise: I have been practicing social work for nearly 10 years - primarily working with adolescents and young adults, but also adults of all ages. The techniques I use are excellent for addressing trauma - many times resolving in just one session.

In my doula practice, I have worked with parents who have experienced a previous birth that was traumatic, or who have experienced trauma in their childhood they don’t want to bring into their parenting, and who want to create a mentally/emotionally/spiritually healthy environment for their developing child. I only take 8 doula clients a year so I am only serving one family at a time and can provide a holistically enriching and empowering service.

For those who are seeking a more spiritual approach, I offer packages combining the power of AAIT, card reading, and reiki to heal deep wounds and empower your full potential in 3, 6, and 8 week options. We have an initial reading (readings are only about showing you how to get in touch with and use your own intuition) to give us a road map. With each card providing insight for our subsequent sessions we will use reiki and AAIT to address any issues and achieve goals revealed and explored in the reading.

For addiction, couples and family therapy, and younger children - we have excellent providers in our office who are more suited.