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Wendy Pitts Reeves, LCSW


Wendy Pitts Reeves, L.C.S.W.
Psychotherapist | Small Business Coach & Mentor | Speaker
Office Phone: (865) 681-2869 ext. 1
Mobile: (865) 207-4305


Hey there!

I'm so glad you're here. I believe it was John Lennon who said, "Life is what happens while we're making other plans." We all struggle to cope with the pressures of relationships, raising kids, working too much, not enough time and not enough money. Sometimes that pressure gets to the best of us and we find ourselves overwhelmed, depressed and a little lost. 

But know this: you can get help.

It can get better.

And this is a good place to start.

There are lots of ways I work with folks, so check out the list below, and click on the areas where you'd like to know more.
  • Counseling: I love helping folks get better when struggling with issues like depression or anxiety. I should warn you though - I'm not a typical therapist. I'll be your number one fan, your greatest cheerleader - AND I'll tell you what I really think -- something most of my clients say they value. To learn more about this, Click HERE.
  • Small Business Coaching & Clinical Supervision: I consult with therapists, coaches and others in the healing arts just starting a private practice, and provide clinical supervision for newly trained clinicians working towards licensure. To learn more about this, visit my coaching site at
  • Speaking: I offer keynotes, workshops and corporate trainings on issues related to women's leadership, self esteem and confidence, as well as personal power for women in the workplace. If you're looking for a speaker for your next event, contact me directly so I can learn more about what you need.
  • Blogging: I write a weekly blog about all things Courageous, with a particular focus on helping women solopreneurs who own small businesses and want to turn their Courage into Confidence and their dreams into success. Text "COURAGE" to #22828 to join the list and get my weekly ezine, or you can sign up here.

I wasn't kidding. :)

There are any number of ways that I can help you, or your organization, overcome obstacles and chart a course towards "Better", whatever that means for you. So give me a call at 865.681.2869, ext. 1, or shoot me an email at

Let's talk about how I can help.

P.S. Here's what one of my clients wrote recently about our work together. I thought this was beautiful, and she said I could share it here, so here you go...

"Wendy has redefined the term “therapist” by my definitions... She has shifted my perspective on what a therapist is, and what counseling can do. Her trustworthiness eased my fears, her low-pressure demeanor calmed my defenses, and her remarkable acumen and experience lifted my skeptical attitude. Working with Wendy is genuinely, organically real. When you come into her office you’re a person. You’re a unique name, a face, a heart, a soul, a piece of the world, and she treats you as such. You know for certain she honestly cares about her clients. Working with someone who is as authentic as Wendy makes the “work” of counseling less work and more of a pilgrimage to who You really are." 

Click HERE for more of what clients say about working with Wendy.