Shhhh! Don’t tell the kids, but Wendy often says that teenagers are really just toddlers with real keys. 🙂 Developmentally, believe it or not, much of what happened during those ‘terrible twos’ gets replayed during the adolescent years. Both periods are about your child’s healthy self awareness and growing need for independence.

These are critical years when your teen is sorting out who they are, what they believe, and what matters most to them. It can be a tough time for parents – and kids. One moment they act like young adults who surprise you with how mature they are. The next, they’re little kids again, needing reassurance and wanting a hug.

It’s probably all normal – but normal is hard when you’re a teenager. And sometimes, having a trusted adult to talk to outside your family, can make a huge difference in your teen’s ability to navigate the challenges that come with this time.

Plus, what looks like ‘normal’ teen drama may at times be signs for real concern. So if you’re worried about your son or daughter, talk to one of us and let’s see if we can sort things out.

The following CMC providers work with teens and their families.

Karen Bartley, Ph.D.

Preschool, child, adolescent & adult issues, including emotional, family, relationship & academic challenges.

Phone: 865.237.3799
Schedule: Tuesday, Friday
(Available in Knoxville on other days.)
Payment Options: 
BlueCross, Humana PPO, Magellan, UHC, Self-pay

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Alison Mistak, LCSW

Individuals & families. Adults, children & youth over ages 10 and up. Addictions, depression, anxiety. Specialized training in post-partum issues.

Phone: 865.681.2869, ext. 7 | 865.617.7974
Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday
Payment Options: BlueCross, Cigna, Humana, Magellan, Medicare, UHC, Self-pay and payment plans.

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Meghan O’Nyon, LMFT

Grief/bereavement, illness, caregiving, Autism/developmental delays, parenting, stage of life issues. Children ages 3-12, adults and elderly. In-home services provided based on individual circumstances.

Phone: 865.320.3063
Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday
Payment Options: Self-Pay and Payment Plans

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Catherine Robbins, LMFT
Rule 31 Trained Mediator

Couples/relationship counseling, specializing in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT); Individual counseling for adults, Trauma (PTSD, childhood trauma, relationship trauma), EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Divorce/Coparenting; Clinical Supervision.

Phone: 865-238-5696 x 1 | 865.382.9920
Schedule: Monday through Thursday
Payment Options: Self-Pay

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When your children are teenagers,
it’s important to have a dog
so that someone in the house
is happy to see you.
– Nora Ephron