The most important part of getting help, for anyone,
is finding a provider who’s the right fit for you and your needs.
At Cove Mountain, we’re pretty particular about who we invite to join our team,
and we’re proud of our staff.

We hope that someone here will be just right for you.
But if not? That’s okay.
We’ll still do our best to give you a few other ideas.

Click on the images below to learn more about each individual at CMC.
Want to know more about how they work, or if they could help you?
Reach out to them directly.
You’ll find their number right there on their page.

Karen Bartley, Ph.D.
Preschool, child, adolescent & adult issues, including emotional, family, relationship & academic challenges.
Get to know Karen.

Jody Butler, LCSW, LADAC
Adults, addiction & co-dependency, trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, women’s issues, EMDR.
Get to know Jody.

Megan Marcus, LCSW
Adults, including the elderly & their caregivers, mood disorders, stress, grief/bereavement and geriatric case management.
Get to know Megan.

Amanda McEntee, MA, NCC
Individual and Couples Therapy for Adults, specializing in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT).
Get to know Mandi.

Alison Mistak, LCSW
Individuals & families. Adults, children & youth over ages 10 and up. Addictions, depression, anxiety. Specialized training in post-partum issues.
Get to know Alison.

Meghan O’Nyon, LMFT
Grief/bereavement, illness, caregiving, Autism/developmental delays, parenting, stage of life issues. Children ages 3-12, adults and elderly. In-home services provided based on individual circumstances.
Get to know Meghan.

Meghan Rasnake, LCSW
Children ages 3-6 and adults, specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting issues, personal growth, and life transitions.
Get to know Meghan.

Catherine Robbins, LMFT
Couples/relationship counseling, specializing in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT); Individual counseling for adults, Trauma (PTSD, childhood trauma, relationship trauma), EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Divorce/Coparenting; Clinical Supervision.
Get to know Catherine.

Ron Schumann, LMFT
Individuals, couples, and families who wish to work on their relationship. Grief and life adjustment issues as well as struggles with aging. religion/spirituality. Specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS).
Get to know Ron.

Shelby Shankland, LCC
Life coaching and Reiki for adults, specializes in life transitions, childbirth trauma, and women’s issues.
Get to know Shelby.

Wimberly Thompson, LCSW
Pre-schoolers through adult, including children with spectrum disorders and the elderly. Grief/Bereavement.
Get to know Wimberly.

You have a chance every single morning
to make a change and be the person you want to be.

You just have to decide to do it.
Decide today’s the day.
Say it: This is going to be my day.

– Brandon Burchard