Shelby Shankland, LCC, RP II

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As a Life Coach, my vision is to help others to become more focused, intentional, and mindful as they walk their path in life. My goal is for you to learn to recognize and wield your own power and wisdom, and to follow your heart. This is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. Lead with your heart – that still and quiet voice, and you can never go wrong. Those tyrants inside your head telling you you are not good enough need to take a hike! We will place a big old eviction notice in there, and get you to place of peace and contentment.
I will hold a very safe space for your to delve into the Truth of what you want for your life, and explore the choices that you can make to help get there. We will also work together to identify any blocks that might be keeping you stuck in the same old pattern year after year after year, and shine light on ways to work with those blocks to clear them. I will be gentle when you need it, and kick your butt when you need that, too! I can be the protector of your self-care by acting as your accountability, and can keep you on track by reminding you of the truth – that you are a divine being, deserving of love… from others, but even more so, from yourself.
There are many different ways we can go about working together, and appointments can vary from week to week – your choice, or we can decide together, or just go with the flow!
  • Sometimes, you may need a soft landing from crazy times in your life, or you may have an issue that you’d like to work through. In times such as these, we can spend all or the majority of our time together in a coaching session. I recommend that these sessions be followed up with 5-15 minutes of energy work (reiki). I have found that this really helps to clear the way for you to move forward in whatever process you might be working at that moment.
  • Alternatively, you might really be tired of talking, and just need a quick check-in and a full reiki session to relieve stress and anxiety, getting you back to your ‘factory settings’ to start fresh. Any amount of the energy work will leave you feeling grounded and balanced, and will help to clear out the energetic gunk that might be bogging you down.

I enjoy and am gifted at supporting men and women of all ages and backgrounds, but always particularly enjoy working with mothers, or women who are about to embark on their journey in motherhood (pre-conception or during pregnancy). I have an extensive background in this type of care, having been a postpartum doula and lactation counselor for many years.

To read more about my services, background, certifications and fees, please visit my website by clicking here.

If you are curious and have any questions for me at all, I encourage you to reach out by phone, email, or even text. I would be more than happy to support you in any way that I can. I look forward to getting to know you!